HQ Jive III Eruption

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196x77cm. Aukščiausios kokybės sportinis Freestyle aitvaras 


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  •  Aitvaras pilotams, nusprendusiems pradėti triukus ir oro akrobatikos figūras. . Lengvai valdomas šis aitvaras naujokams padės lengvai įsisavinti pirmuosius triukus ore. Jei važiuojate atostogauti


    Duomenys: 180x91, Carbon/ Ripstop,


    Gamintojas: HQ Invento (Vokietija).


     Jive - the name alone already reveals its programme. Now, the Jive III enters the floor as the latest development. And it dances more beautifully than ever before. Adjusted to the latest developments in trick flying and with a completely new sail design, the Jive III offers any pilot, who is ready to learn, a cornucopia of possibilities. Also the most modern trick sequences, such as Comets or Multiple Yo-Yos, are obviously part of the repertoire of the Jive III. Though, we have not forgotten where the Jive III comes from. To the beginner, this kite offers optimal precision, robustness and easy handling.

    Width: 196 cm / 77
    Height: 82 cm / 32
    Sail: Ripstop-Polyester
    Frame: carbon 5 + 6 mm / .197 + .236
    Line incl.: Dyneema 45 kp / 100 lb. , 2 x 25 m / 80 ft. on winder with straps
    Wind: 2-5 Bft. (6-38 km/h, 4-24 mph)
    Age: 14+